Standing AGAINST Iran and WITH Israel


The President’s administration continues to tiptoe around the truth — Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, poses an imminent threat to the United States and our ally, Israel. 

The President’s administration has been providing billions of dollars to Iran, which will likely be put towards advancing the country’s nuclear ambitions

The U.S. is not the only nation who could potentially suffer the consequences of a nuclear Iran. Our greatest ally in the Middle East — Israel — also stands to have its security placed in jeopardy. 

The President’s administration appears to finally be losing confidence in its ill-advised “Iran Deal.”  

It’s simple — there can be no “gray area” when we are talking about nuclear threats posed by Iran — a country that is openly hostile to Israel.

We must act NOW to take preventive measures that will defend the safety of the United States and Israel. We cannot rely on Iran’s “word” — now or ever.

We must stand together and support Israel. Our friends have to know we have their backs. 

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