VA Secretary Compares Disneyland to Lines at the VA

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Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald compared the time that our veterans wait in line for treatment at VA hospitals to the wait times at theme parks such as Disneyland. The fact that the Secretary can even consider comparing the two is outrageous.

Our veterans have risked their lives to ensure our safety.  America would not — and could not — be the free democracy that it is without them.

I’ve visited Charlie Norcross and the Dorn VA medical center several times and made it a priority to continue improving the lives of our veterans. I’ve always been impressed with the staff, doctors, and level of patient care taking place in our district; but, I recognize there is still work to be done

Our veterans deserve the best treatment and they certainly should not have their needs marginalized in any way. 

We can work together to improve the VA delivery system. Our veterans fought for us, and now it’s our turn to fight for them. We should provide our vets with the best treatment we have to offer. It’s clear that Secretary McDonald isn’t fighting for veterans. 

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